The new Batman comic book covers are here and well…the solicitations are telling us what to expect for next year.

Yeah…here we go. The March Solicitations for the Batman comic books have been released. Well…the new year has it’s awesome highs and extreme lows for certain books. Let’s start with the extreme lows for next year.


  1. Batman: The Dark Knight: David Finch is gone and Ethan Van Sciver is in. Sciver is too clean cut to be part of this comic book that has brought grit and terror back into this title. MadHatter is not a bad character, but Sciver is not helping with his art right now.
  2. Batgirl: No more Gail Simone, Ray Fawkes is continuing with Simone’s story on James Jr. Right now, we don’t know if Fawkes will do well with this title or not. He only has two issues to surprise us. It’s a downer because well…Simone is gone. At this point, Batgirl is uncertain.
  3. Catwoman: Nocenti is still writing Catwoman, which seems to be drowning at this point. This cat might be dead under water at this point.
  4. Birds of Prey: Duane Swierczyski is off of Birds of Prey. It seems that Talon will be a new member, which means Starling and Katana are gone at this point. Starling was the only character who was actually enjoyable to read. I have no idea why Talon is here, she can’t speak and she has the mind of a 10 year old girl. No idea how this is going to play out.
  5. Nightwing: New artist on this book, so no more Eddy Barrows for those who liked his artwork on this book. Barrows is leaving after Issue #16. Roger Bonet is taking over.


  1. Batman & Robin: Peter Tomasi is doing something amazing with Issue #18 for the new year and it’s super secret! Hope it’s great! Too excited for this book.
  2. Red Hood & the Outlaws: this is going to be centered around Red Hood and his feud with Batman, which is something that Hoodie fans like about his character. The cover looks dark and awesome, but it doesn’t mean the issue will be.
  3. Batman: Issue #18 is the beginning of Harper Row’s story line in Batman. She’s a really cool character to read about. Andy Kubert is doing the art for this book until Greg Capullo comes back in Issue #22 for the Riddler.
  4. Talon: is taking a darker turn and it’s super exciting. I don’t really see why Batman fans are not reading this book yet.
  5. Batwing: is losing his armor, thank goodness. Something might actually help the character grow with the new writer.

See all the covers down below for the rest of the Batman comic books coming out in March.

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