Dark Knight News: The Podcast Episode 16

Less than 2 weeks away, Dark Knight Rises is almost upon us. But were still podcasting away. This episode was edited by our newest writer Ryan so be sure to thank him or complain to him 🙂

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  • h4v0k_528491

    1.  Wow Ryan and I have the same passion.

    2.  The co-writer of Batman Begins wrote Man of Steel, David Goyer also came up with the story along with Nolan, and Nolan also is producing.

    3. Not only The Joker could be related to the Haley Brothers, Chris Nolan was going to hint that Rachel Dawes was related to the Grayson family but he removed it from the script not to create Robin speculation.

    4.  I never had a problem with Bane’s voice.

    5.  All of the soundtrack songs are my favorite.

    6.  I saw the featurette and I didn’t find it spoilerish at all.

    7.   People who have seen the movie said Anne Hathaway blows all the other Catwoman’s out of the water. I love Tom Hardy as Bane because its very hard to act with a mask over your face and he pulled it off.

    8.  People who have seen the movie had also said TDKR was better than TDK.

    9.  When i was very young I could handle very dark movies and I enjoyed those kind of movies. A lot of kids these days can see a lot more PG-13 and a lot more darker films. For me when I was kid I didnt repeat of what I saw or heard. I saw Scream 4 and a 5 year old was there and fine the whole time but I am concerned because some kids repeat what they hear and see sometimes. 

    10.  You’re welcome I love to share theories I may have come by.

    11.  I luckily got IMAX midnight tickets right when they went  on sale.

    12.  I thought Uma Thurman was a good Poison Ivy but they were given a bad script.

    13.  I saw a lot of ‘Imported from Gotham City’ tv spots and I saw about 5 that were really cool that the studio could actually use.

    14.  I wish they did the viral for trailer 3 different because I didnt like how they showed us the frames I would rather they only show the number out of the total frames.

    15. They are getting some people from comic con but its very few for an advanced screening of TDKR

    16. Neccessary Evil could mean that Batman could kill Bane but thats a maybe for me but it seems it could seem possible.