By far, Catwoman has been the most controversial comic book well…not really, Red Hood and the Outlaws hold continue to hold a more controversial standpoint with Starfire. However, since Catwoman is one of the anti-heroines who has her own comic books. It was important for the comic book to start changing up creative teams. Writer, Ann Nocenti, is taking over the writing for Catwoman stating that she will continue to bring the sexy to Catwoman. However, Nocenti wants to create Catwoman into more of a heroine instead of our usual anti-heroine. For me, this is very disappointing because I love the fact that she is the grey between the darkness and the light. Nocenti states that she will continue to portray Catwoman as she is but with a twist. She states this in Newsarama as a way to keep Catwoman fresh and delicious for us:

I’m dying to fool around with the distance between Selina Kyle and Catwoman. And, you know, the whole double identity thing is endlessly fascinating. I mean, you can always find another riff for it. And with her, with her history, there’s some kind of deep wound. Her chasing glittery things has always really intrigued me. I have a friend who’s similar. She’s always getting, like, chandeliers and fancy clothes. There’s never enough glitter in her nest to make her feel safe. And I think Selina’s a little bit like that.

She has a lot of different aspects to her personality. Sometimes I almost see her as Holly Golightly, you know? The Audrey Hepburn character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The Selina Kyle side of her has a kind of “It Girl” thing. You see those women cloaking their sexuality in all kind of other ways, like fashion and attitude and that kind of stuff. So I would say, yeah, you put the black leather on… I mean, have you ever put on a black leather catsuit? You kind of move a little differently. [Laughs.] Not that I ever put one on.

But what I mean is, depending on what outfit you put on to go out, you act differently. There are days you want to hide and days that you don’t. I think that Catwoman is another aspect of Selina Kyle, and I don’t have any problem with female characters that use their sexuality.

Nocenti’s ideas for Catwoman sounds great! However, I am very worried for she will be working an unnamed artist who has worked on the Daredevil. Hmm…interesting who could this person be? Nocenti will begin writing for Catwoman #0.  Comment below or on DKN Facebook about who you think the unnamed artist is? Did you like Judd Winick’s Catwoman? What do you think of Ann Nocenti and the future of Catwoman?

Source- Newsarama