Dark Knight News: The Podcast Episode 7

Matt here, so I tried to cut down on sound effects for Episode 7 and focus more on content.Β  This was a 3 hour session that I had cut down to an hour and a half! Brandon, our new writer Adam and I had a great time talking about The Dark Knight Rises! Catwoman with a gun? Is Bane’s not tall enough? And a crazy rumor about a brutal fight in a sewer! That and more await you in this jam packed episode.

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  • h4v0k_528491

    i think the reason anne hathaway has only the goggles to pull up the cat ears bc they might want to make a difference from batman costume. i like the heels because they made those as claws so they make the heels useful. i love batman begins better bc it feels a little bit more like a batman movie than the dark knight did; tdk is close second

  • Woodburnchristopher

    Hey how do i listen to the rest of the podcast it stopped at the 54 minute mark

    • Try refreshing the podcast and if it does not work try removing the entire podcast and resubscribing to the Dark Knight News.

  • I just tested it and it’s fine. I would just download it (use the link above or use itunes) if your having problems streaming it from the site.

  • Another great podcast guys! Just a few more before you are into double digits πŸ˜€ I have to agree with the initial few images of ‘Selina Kyle’ not looking like an obvious catwoman, a bit like in the previous podcast you commented that if you take away the jokers scars and make-up he could have been any generic crazy. And Tom Hardy’s Bane without the mask? Would you ever guess from the trailers who he is? I hope they start some kind of viral campaign before the release to build-up some more lore around these Nolan villains. Or at least put all the characters into context before Nolan drops us into the movie 8 years after the events of TDK.

    • jesterphox

      Just like what Brandon posted we might start seeing some physical viral campaigning around. That would be fantastic! We might start seeing a campaign for Gordon to re-elect for office or for the new commissioner.

      • It might be too close to the ‘I believe in Harvey Dent’, but I would love to see something like that. Those brief clips we have seen of Gordon speaking outside Wayne Manor and Bruce in the shadows, I was wondering if they could be flashbacks and that Batman is just a legend at this stage and Gordon has been long replaced by the start of TDKR… there are endless possibilities πŸ˜€

        • I hope we get a viral. It’s starting to seem like maybe there wont be a big tdkr viral. Maybe something small like operation earlybird..but I doubt a full blown DK like viral…however I hope I’m wrong.

  • Thanks for reading my letter guys! I knew my Juno playing Barbara theory was a long shot, but I had to inquire. Between Selina and Holly, my needs for a female character will be met. Still curious what role Gordon’s wife and children will play in TDKR.

    This episode was great (not just because you read my letter hehe). Good input from all 3 of you. Seeya next time. – Ben

  • Edwardpuckett

    Thank you for nixing some of those edited in audio clips. They really disrupted the flow of an otherwise excellent podcast. Keep up the good work, guys and I look forward to hearing more!