Matt Reeves Shares New Trailer and Poster For The Penguin TV Show

by Steve J Ray
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Writer/Director Matt Reeves has shared a new teaser trailer and poster for The Penguin TV show, which will make its debut on MAX in September.

This is the second teaser for the show, and every new glimpse that we get is raising fans’ excitement levels exponentially!

The Penguin is a direct follow-up to Reeves’ brilliant The Batman (2022). With the sequel delayed, this show is greatly needed to keep fans’ Bat appetites satiated until 2026.

Like the teaser, the poster is dark and, apart from Penguin’s face, all black and red; much like all previous The Batman promo material.

Reeves had this to say about the new video footage:

So excited to share this… The next chapter in @TheBatman  Epic Crime Saga.

Academy Award nominee Colin Farrell is #ThePenguin in the new Max Original Series coming this September to @StreamOnMax

The new teaser is a tension-building, pulse-pounding winner. We get scenes featuring Carmine Falcone’s children, who believe their late father’s criminal empire belongs to them. We also see Colin Farrell’s Oswald visiting Salvatore Maroni, played by Clancy Brown, in prison, staking his own claim.

The way the series looks like it follows on directly from The Batman, with scenes of The Riddler’s flooding of Gotham City, are very welcome. It’s rare to get comic book-style continuity between blockbuster movies and TV shows, so the fact that this all forms part of one coherent universe makes me very happy.

In case you missed it, here’s the first teaser again, for completeness’ sake:

This one focuses more on Penguin and Gotham’s pasts, including a mention of Rex “The Lion” Calabrese; Oswald’s inspiration, and the City’s first true crime boss. Comics fans will know that Rex turned out to be Selina Kyle’s real father, not Carmine Falcone (Batman: Eternal – 2014).

Everyone at Dark Knight News is extremely excited about this series. What about you, dear reader? Has the new The Penguin TV show trailer made you want more? If so, keep your eye on this website for everything Batman-related.

Images and Video Content Courtesy of Matt Reeves, Max, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros.

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