Review: Nightwing #114

“Fallen Grayson” – Part One, and “Titans #11: Preview”
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Bruno Redondo (Nightwing), Lucas Meyer (Titans)
Color Artist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by Steve J. Ray

Nightwing #114 marks the beginning of the end, as chapter one of “Fallen Grayson” commences the current creative team’s final five-issue story arc on this title. This run has arguably been the finest in the series’ history and, if this installment’s anything to go by, it’s going to be a spectacular tale.

Right from page one, featuring another stellar Redondo/Lucas/Abbott flashback sequence, this issue delivers visually. It’s followed by a Dick and Haley Grayson sequence set in the present, and Tom Taylor’s deft handling of pacing, plot, and storytelling hits all the marks perfectly.

We get to see Dick’s first ever fall, from his childhood as a circus performer to his quest in the near future to battle the fear of heights that’s been plaguing him since issue #107.

From here we’re left on a cliffhanger before returning to the Gotham City of today where, at last, we get to see Heartless’ first steps on the road to his final battle against Nightwing. We’re also treated to an eye-opening chase sequence between our hero and a shoplifter, and a wonderful gala in Dick’s honor (featuring Barbara Gordon, Bruce, and Damian Wayne). Lovely.

Heartless is evil, pure and simple. His plan against Dick is nothing short of despicable and the way he treats his new recruits is downright disgusting. This is a villain with a capital “V”!

The best part of all this? All of these timelines flow and are a joy to read and look at. I’m really going to miss this creative team.

Rather than getting a Nightwing backup tale this month, we get a preview of Titans #11 instead. I already read and collect every issue of the series, so this came as a bit of a surprise. Of course, for those few fans who may not be reading Titans (why not?) hopefully, this little teaser will prove incentive enough for them to pick the book up. However, any series featuring scripts by Tom Taylor, art by Lucas Meyer, colors by Adriano Lucas, and letters by Wes Abbott should be incentive enough.

However, if the name T.O. morrow rings any bells, or if you’re interested in first appearances, this book’s coming out on the same day as Titans #11, so here’s your chance to meet a potential future Titan for the first time ever… twice!


With Nightwing #114, we’re given breadcrumbs and teasers aplenty, so, while I’m sad that this five-issue tale will be this stellar creative team’s last, I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

The wait for next month’s issue is going to be a long and painful one.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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