Review: Nightwing #107

“The Crew Of The Crossed” – Part Two, and “Emo Buddy” – Part Two
Writers: Tom Taylor and Michael W. Conrad
Artists: Stephen Byrne and Serg Acuña
Color Artists: Adriano Lucas and Ivan Plascencia
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by Steve J. Ray

Well, shiver me timbers! Dick Grayson’s sailing the high seas, in Nightwing #107, although not with his partner, Babs Gordon, but with his ex from the Ric Grayson years, Bea… AKA the new Captain Blüd! I feel a storm a-comin’, man the mainsail!

Sorry… I seem to have gone all nautical, all of a sudden. It must be the sea air, calling me home.

Back when Dick was calling himself Ric, he met, and fell in love with, a girl called Bea, and he crossed paths with Captain Blüd, a man who was holding a mysterious item that belonged to Dick. Now, back when Dick was Ric, he didn’t care about any mystery/treasure/secret pertaining to Dick Grayson, but Nightwing loves a mystery as much as his mentor does. So, now we find Mr. Grayson on Captain Blüd’s ship, not the old man, though, his daughter… Bea.

All caught up? GREAT!

Now I just know you’ve seen Bruno Redondo’s killer cover, rest assured, Nightwing fans, we do get to see Dick don this outfit in the comic, too. That’s what I love about this book; amazing writing, mind-blowing covers, and stellar art. Now that Nightwing has joined the elite set of books that also carries a second story, this series must surely now be counted as one of DC’s flagship titles.

Speaking of ships… Nightwing as a buccaneer/swashbuckler is the greatest, most obvious idea ever, yet we’ve never seen it done like this before. Thanks, Tom Taylor. This issue sees some amazing flashbacks, and brilliant, totally in-character, yet still surprising, moments from Nightwing (what’s going on, Mr. Grayson?!?), Barbara, and Bea. Wonderful.

I may have complained that Stephen Byrne didn’t do Jim and Juan justice last month, but he’s more than made up for it with Pirate Nightwing and the unbuttoned shirt. Those who love the male form, prepare to swoon. Those who don’t, prepare to giggle your butt off.

Thanks, as always, to Adriano Lucas and Wes Abbott for their gorgeous colors and letters, too. In fact, Wes once again pulls double duty by also being the letterer on the backup strip.

Speaking of… “Emo Buddy” is a winner, particularly when you find out who that is. Michael Conrad never disappoints as a writer, and his take on the Nightwing/Red Hood relationship, and the fact they clearly are brothers, really made me very happy indeed. Fight fans are really going to dig this funny, dangerous, action-packed little gem.

Serg Acuña’s art is perfect for this type of story and Ivan Plascencia’s colors are wonderful. I pray that these mini-gems also get collected whenever the hardback editions and trade paperbacks of these issues are released.


Nightwing #107 delivers all the action, mystery, laughs, and adventure you could ever hope for. This title stands out amongst the crowd, has been one of my favorite reads and at the top of my comics pile for close to three years now. Long may it continue. Although, I sense possible trouble at sea between Dick and Babs, now that Bea’s back on the scene.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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