DC To Celebrate The Art Of José Luis García-López With Summer Variant Covers

Coming this July, DC Comics will publish character style guides illustrated by José Luis García-López as variant covers.

1n 1982, Spanish-Argentinian artist José Luis Garcia-Lopez designed the DC Comics Style Guide. A reference document that details the visuals of every character, for other artists to have a consistent look: across all comics. The style guides themselves are turnarounds showing the fronts, backs, and sides of each character.
The style guide was so influential that it established the in-house look not only for DC Comics artists- but also influenced their visuals for cartoons, action figures, toys, clothes, and more!

It’s difficult to overstate García-López’s artistic contribution to DC’s look.  Imagine every product in the last 30 years featuring DC characters. Odds are that it either directly pulled García-López’s art from the comics he’s drawn, or was influenced by, or taken from his style guides.

You can even see a 3D rendering of García-López’s art in the form of the DC Superheroes action figure line that came out in the late 1980’s.

His work has inspired generations of comic book artists.

Artist Spotlight: José Luis García-López

Now the character model sheets will be featured in DC’s Artist Spotlight variant covers in July. Other artists that have had a Spotlight include Jim Lee and Mike Deodato. DC will reuse the character turnaround guides by José Luis García-López on select comics.

García-López’s art will be featured on the following titles:  Batman #150, Green Arrow #14, Green Lantern #13, SHAZAM! #13, Superman #16, The Flash #11 and Wonder Woman #11.

DC will even be resurrecting the characters’ older logos for the variant covers. That’s a pretty cool detail!

The José Luis García-López Artist Spotlight variant covers come out this coming July.

Source: DC.com

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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