Review: Nightwing 2024 Annual

“The Secret Origin Of Bea Bennet, Pirate Queen!”
Writer and Artist: Travis Moore
Color Artists: Alex Guimarães and Ivan Plascencia
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

The Nightwing 2024 Annual finally gives readers the life story of someone who’s been alongside Nightwing through some of his darkest times… and we didn’t even know it! 

Ric’s Gal 

The Wonderful Steve J. Ray’s currently trapped in the 5th Dimension by the nefarious imp Yar-J-Evets, so I’m picking up the Escrima stick in his absence for this great annual!

This story, written and drawn by the wonderfully talented Travis Moore, takes us on an adventure that we didn’t know we needed. For those of us who love Dick Grayson, we all know that since his “Death” at the end of Forever Evil (waaaay back during DC’s New 52 era) we were waiting a while until we got the proper black and blue Nightwing back.

During that time he went undercover as a spy, in the popular Grayson series, written by Tom King. This annual takes us back to those times, although I’m getting ahead of myself. This story isn’t about him, it’s about her… Bea Bennet.

If you’re just joining us, Bea was a bar owner who dated Ric Grayson, during the period after Dick was shot in the head by KGBeas and had lost all of his memories of being Robin, Nightwing, or even a superhero. Now going by the name Ric, he started a new life.

We learn in this Annual that Bea’s sudden appearance in his life was no accident. Without giving too much away, we’re taken on a voyage that shows us who Bea was before she became the Pirate Queen, during some key DC events, all the way to where we are now.

Please Sir, Can We Have Some Moore

Considering how Travis Moore is one of the best artists working in comics today, the fact that he also wrote this issue blew me away. If you read any of my reviews of his work, you’ll know I’ve been a fan of his since I first saw his concepts for Tim Drake’s Nightwing, back when Dick was shot. Since then I have been wishing and hoping he would eventually get a chance to work on more of the Bat Family characters full time! So this issue was a blessing.

This story definitely worked as an annual, although I don’t know where it will lead in the Nightwing stories to come, or if it will spin off into another title.


The Nightwing 2024 Annual is a beautiful story that gives depth to a beloved character. Applause to Travis Moore, as not many can compare with Tom Taylor on Nightwing, but this was a great start.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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