Mike Deodato To Illustrate New Range Of Covers for DC Comics

Prolific artist Mike Deodato will be drawing variant covers for many of DC Comics this coming November.

To celebrate being the new artist on The Flash, Deodato will be featured on DC’s Artist Spotlight., so fans can see Deodato render many of the top DC characters.

In November, Deodato’s covers will appear on the following titles: Flash #3, Titans #5, Batman #139, Nightwing #108, Poison Ivy #16, Speed Force  #1, Wonder Woman  #3, Superman  #8, Action Comics  #159, and Green Lantern  #5.

Mike Deodato was primarily known as a Marvel artist. His art is ubiquitous across various Marvel titles, with popular runs on Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, Thunderbolts, and Dark Avengers. However, he got his start in the American comic book industry illustrating Wonder Woman. His run on the series included the controversial storylines The Contest and The Challenge of Artemis.

The latter tale featured Artemis as the new Wonder Woman before Diana eventually reclaimed the title. With Deodato’s upcoming run on The Flash, it seems that the artist is returning to his DC roots. Perhaps, he will be able to regularly draw for other characters as his moody, dark photo-realistic style certainly fits in the world of Batman well.

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