Review: Outsiders #5

Writers: Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly
Artist: Robert Carey 

Color Artist: Valentina Taddeo
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Review by James Attias

Outsiders #5 is a Monster Bash! That’s right, a Monster Bash. Trust me, it’s a Graveyard Smash!

Let’s lurk into it…

Monster’s Ball

If all the heroes found out that there was a place where all the sinister, terrifying, murderous monsters of the DC Universe go for a jolly, what would they do? Well, it’s a good thing that they don’t know… but the Outsiders do!

Our team finds itself in the trippy, shadowy lair of the monsters, on a guided tour by a flame from Batwoman’s past, Nocturna. So, what does a vampiric monster Queen have in store for the Outsiders? Let me tell you, dear reader, it’s nothing good.

The team divides and conquers in this issue with each member handling the lair of the Monsters in the exact way you’d expect them to. Luke tries to save someone trapped inside, like the hero he is; The Drummer tries to find some very high-value information in a literal demon’s den, using her cunning and charm, and lastly, we have Kate, who’s enduring mind games and having to suffer more attempts to make her “join the dark side” as it were.

It was a bit of a shock to the system to see so many “Big Bads” from the monstrous corner of the DC Universe, some of whom we’d thought had been vanquished or destroyed. and others we thought were trying to do better and be good people. Turns out they were all just hanging out in a Monster Torture Fetish bar. Who’d’aThunk it?


Kate Kane: Vampire Slayer?

The art and writing in this story perfectly hit the mark. We have very dark, shadowy black, red, and purple colors, with multiple types of dialogue bubbles to show the different types of speech, haunting tones, and spooky atmosphere. This comic was everything that it should’ve been. The creative team really delivered.

So, what does this all mean concerning the larger story? Well, with multiple revelations made, I think this chapter will set up a few adventures to come, whether sooner or later. The stories were all left wide open.


Outsiders #5 delivered in every way you would want for a book about a gathering of the worst Monsters in DC. I look forward to returning to this venue soon… hopefully before the end of the world.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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