Review: Nightwing #110 – “Beast World” Crossover

“Beast World”
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Sami Basri and Vincente Cifuentes
Color Artist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

The world is burning, Beast people are running amok and Robin is missing, It’s up to Nighting and Superman to save the day! Nightwing #110 is here right Meow! (Apologies).

Nightwing & Superman: Dawn of Mr. Mittens

The Sensational Steve J. Ray, who usually writes our Nightwing reviews, has also been turned into a kitten-man hybrid due to beast world spores, so we can only assume that the purring I’m hearing is him asking me to cover. So, here I am, and I’ll try not to let Kitty Steve down!

We’re just in time for a Beast World crossover, so let’s pounce in!

When last we saw Nightwing in action (before this huge event) he was dealing with Pirates and swashbuckling. Now, it’s a matter of family. Damian’s gone missing and was last seen fighting creatures and tracking missing Beast people. It was wonderful to read that as soon as Nightwing’s told that Robin’s missing he enlists the help of the most powerful BFF in the world.

So, Superman (Jon Kent) and Nightwing are on the case, and the way these two characters care so much about their little brother/best friend is beautifully written. This issue’s a wonderful adventure that introduces a new powerful villain as well in Apex Ava. She’s like a Kraven the Hunter with a meta-human spin. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Cat People (Putting Out Fires) – David Bowie or This Book?

The art and cover for this issue were fantastic as well, we have the famous meme replaced with cat Damian for the cover, which was fun. The interior art was lovely too, with vibrant colors (which I’ve always been a fan of) as well as some really fun Animal/Human hybrids.

Also, with a new character being introduced, it’s always important that the artists bring their A-game.. not to mention that Tom Taylor seems to have nothing less than a permanent A-game. It’s great to read a book that is written so cohesively with Titans and “Beast World”. Put your paws together for this man!


Nightwing #110 is a wonderful book and a perfect tie-in to “Beast World.” It stands alone fantastically and doesn’t hurt the ongoing series when it returns after the big event. This is a lovely comic and I look forward to more of the same, please, Mr. Taylor!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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