Rocksteady Explain Reasons For Making ‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ Video Game

Rocksteady Studios have explained why they decided to create Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, as opposed to a straight Justice League adventure.

In an interview with, Rocksteady Studios Production Manager, Jack Hackett, and Advanced Combat Designer, Noel Chamberlain, discussed that their choice to go with the Suicide Squad franchise was for story-related reasons. According to Chamberlain, it was more interesting to see the underdog Squad take on the ultra-powerful Justice League.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

“At the core of Rocksteady’s values is, we want something really narrative driven, and we’re really story orientated. So, we look at what’s going to be the most interesting and then add on things like that like having four very unique protagonists. Again, I think fans expect Rocksteady to do something slightly different, and having you have to fight the Justice League and overcome this insurmountable challenge as a player and as a character in the story is really interesting, I think it’s really exciting for players to experience. I think once players play it, they’ll know why this is our choice for the game.”

Hackett added how the premise of the Suicide Squad being forced into working for the good side is even more compelling.

“I think the Justice League are the perfect antagonists because they’re everything that the Squad is not. I think that contrast, and then flipping the good and evil, both sides are begrudgingly on the wrong side. The Squad’s evil, and they’re being forced to be good, and the League ends up being forced to be bad. That’s just a fun, compelling narrative. You don’t want to just create what people are expecting, because then they will never be surprised by what you’ve made, and we’ve made something we thought would be surprising, would be exciting. Something that excited us to make it.”

The Suicide Squad Allows for More Teasing

Beyond that, playing as the Suicide Squad allows gamers to have some more fun with teasing and trolling one another. Hackett pointed out how it would be odd for the Justice League to do something like that, but it feels right at home with the Suicide Squad’s group dynamics.

“I think the kind of protagonist-antagonist structure of this game… we went with what compelled us. We thought the Suicide Squad made compelling protagonists because they make sense in a multiplayer game. That’s one of the fundamental reasons I really like them for this. When I’m playing online with my friends, I like to mess with them. I like to compete with them. I like to make fun of them. I like to taunt them, and if that makes sense, when you’re playing online as the squad, you can almost sort of role-play as the squad, and that’s really entertaining. They can do silly emotes, and they can mess with each other, and they can leave each other hanging for high-fives and send taunts to the other players. I think that’s a fun atmosphere to let players inhabit in a comic book world – play with their friends, have fun, poke fun at each other, while still living authentically in that comic book world and feeling like you’re inhabiting it.”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hits consoles and PC on February 2nd.


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