Review: Nightwing #109

“The Crew Of The Crossed” Conclusion, and “Beast World: Prologue”
Writer: Tom Taylor, 
Artists: Stephen Byrne, Sami Basri
Color Artist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by Steve J. Ray

Last month Bea Blüd was stabbed by her evil brother Dirk, and only Nightwing, the man she once knew as Ric Grayson can save her. Now, in Nightwing #109 Dick has to leap into the ocean if he is to rescue her, but in recent days he’s been gripped by a paralyzing fear of heights. Can he do what must be done?

What do you think?

This series continues to entertain and delight, month after month, after month. The four-part pirate story, “The Crew Of The Crossed”, has been a joy from start to finish and the conclusion delivers a surprise I didn’t see coming. That’s the great thing about this title; constant surprises, great characters, terrific dialogue, and stellar visuals… every single issue.

Stephen Byrne’s take on Nightwing’s universe really fitted this story, so I’m glad we got to see his work on these pages. He and Sami Basri (on the backup tale, “Beast World: Prologue”, really deliver on the art front. Of course, they’re aided and abetted by two of the finest talents in the business, color artist Adriano, “Check out how awesome my seas look”, Lucas, and letter extraordinaire Wes “Awesomesauce” Abbott.

The one constant that always makes this the first comic I read on the date of release, is the comparable Tom Taylor. In this issue alone we learn something new about Dick Grayson’s childhood, get a wonderful, heart-rending flashback with Alfred, and get more action than an Expendables box set. We really are spoiled.

I’ve always known that Damian Wayne was a catty little so-and-so, but the second story in this tale proves it. “Beast World” is shaping up to be an absolutely amazing crossover, and this small prologue alone should whet your tastebuds if you haven’t been following the story, so far.


Nightwing #109 is another certified winner. From cover to cover this series never fails to impress, with the quality of both the writing and the art always at a superior level. I can’t wait for everyone to laugh out loud at the cover for issue #110, and this book’s first official “Beast World” crossover. I promise you, you’re in for a treat. As for this month… rock solid.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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