McFarlane Toys Details New Wave Of Super Powers Figures

by Derek McNeil
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Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, the McFarlane Toys website has announced details about a new line of their popular Super Powers Collection action figure line, a collection that has revived the original Kenner toy line from the 1980s, with both retro and modern takes on DC characters.

This new line consists of six figures, pictured below:

Super Powers Wave 4

With the original line launching in 1984, 2024 marks the 40th anniversary of the DC Super Powers franchise To celebrate this, McFarlane Toys is kicking the year off with two Gold Edtion figures: Batman and The Flash, to mark the occasion.

Also, for long-time fans of the Super Powers Collection, a figure of Green Lantern Hal Jordan is included that replicates the ’84 version, but at the larger size of the modern figures.

Of course, wherever Hal is, Sinestro’s sure to be lurking around. The design used for the villain is taken from the Challenge of the Super Friends cartoon of the 1970s. This is entirely appropriate considering the Super Powers tie-in cartoon was an extension of the Super Friends show. Plus, this design also matches his Silver and Bronze age appearances.

Also included is Lord Superman from the Dini-verse Justice League episode “A Better World”, in which the League meets their multiversal doppelgangers, the Justice Lords.

Super Powers Wave 4

Finally, the wave also includes the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. This is a timely inclusion considering the current storyline in the pages of Batman. This figure’s based on the Silver Age incarnation of the character. However, the modern iteration’s still pretty close to the original in appearance.

Collectors can breathe a sigh of relief that none of the figures in this line are store exclusives, which should make it easier to get ahold of the ones you want. However, if you were hoping for another vehicle or two with this wave, there aren’t any this time around.

Super Powers Wave 4

These figures are scheduled for release in January and will be available through the McFarlane Toy Store website, Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, and undoubtedly many other outlets. Be sure to keep in mind that while McFarlane Toys refers to this wave as Wave 4 on their website, most other outlets and collectors refer to it as Wave 6.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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