Review: Titans #4

“Out Of The Shadows” – Part Four
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Nicola Scott
Color Artist: Annette Kwok
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

Welcome to Titans #4, AKA “The impending fate of Wally West”, or “The Healing of the World by a Green Young Man and the Daughter of a Demon”? Whatever you want to call it, the Titans have their hands full.

Garth Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Last Issue we got our first glimpse of the dark side of the Church of Eternity. Now, one of our heroes has a weird alien/demon/gross-looking monster in him, controlling him, or both. The Titans could tell that something was wrong with their friend from the start and, of course, they were right. The question is, what purpose does he serve? What’s the endgame of this evil church and why do they need a possessed Tempest on their side? Yes, we have a lot of questions.

For those of us who have pets, when they sit by a window and let out a sigh, it breaks your heart. “What ails you, my little unemployed freeloader?” We say to our pups and cats. Well, when we see that Beast Boy isn’t making jokes and cooking waffles, and something has broken his spirit, it reminds me of that (and not just because he could change into a dog at any minute).

Everyone’s favorite Changeling has been hit hard by the current state of superheroes in the world. Do they just punch things, kick butt and fly off after? Well, his empathic Demon girlfriend has the task of picking him back up. Usually, the roles are reversed, so this was a fun change, and fresh to read. Tom Taylor really is the master of pulling at your heartstrings.

Sea Monster

So, in this issue, something happens with the monster inside of Garth. I won’t spoil what, but I felt like I wanted more from the letterer in that instance, a sound effect of some sort, something to give texture and life to the creature. The creative team on this book has been spot on from the start, so this is a very small gripe, and if this book hadn’t been so perfect from the start I wouldn’t have even noticed it.

Once again though, this story’s ramping up at a nice pace. Everything’s building towards the big upcoming event “Beast World!” Let’s hope that it doesn’t claim to change the DC world forever and then not deliver, like so many “events” that came before. On this book, however, I will always remain positive.


Titans #4 is a great read, like all 3 issues before it, I’m really enjoying the direction the series is taking. I hope Tom Taylor keeps delivering hit after hit… which seems likely.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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