Review: Batman and The Joker Flip Pops

Batman and The Joker Flip-Pops
Writer: Jody Revenson
Artist: Guilherme Asthma
Flip Pops Created By: Matthew Reinhart
Review by Steve J. Ray

As fun as Funkos and as collectible as comic books, the fantastic Batman and The Joker Flip Pops from Insight Editions have arrived!

Man… these things are as clever as they are cute. Not only do we get the pinnacle of foldable tech with these figures/3D models/pop-up mini reference books, but we also get style, history lessons (but cool ones), and conversation pieces, too!

Somehow, unbelievably, and brilliantly, writer Jody Revenson and Flip Pop creator Matthew Reinhart have not only managed to curate art from 80-plus years of both The Dark Knight and The Clown Prince of Crime, but they’ve distilled the essential histories of both characters into just twelve pages; six for each of these delightful collectibles. Not only are these character backgrounds, but they give insights into their changing looks, gadgets, and portrayal in comics, on TV, and in cinema.

The Batman Flip Pop also features vintage art by Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Carmine Infantino, and more. The Joker Flip Pop features more from both Kane, and Robinson, plus work from Marshall Rogers, Lee Bermejo, and Brian Bolland! Talk about classics and legends!

We even get an inside look at both characters’ utility belts. I mean, these guys have thought of everything!

The art, design, and colors by the brilliant Guilherme Asthma are as clever as the writing and pop-up tech. The original pose features vintage depictions of Batman and The Joker, but at the touch of a button on the back of each figure (ZERO BATTERIES REQUIRED!), both are transformed into meaner, darker (yet still unbelievably adorable), more modern-day iterations.


I honestly thought I’d seen everything, but the Batman and Joker Flip Pops have blown my mind. Yes, I know that they’re made of cardboard yet still retail at just over 20 bucks a piece, but they’re so worth it. Why? You get two figures for the price of one, they have interchangeable backgrounds and vintage art. Plus, in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness; if these bad boys break some PVA glue will fix them, or, if you did decide (gods forbid), or need to ever throw them away, paper’s a lot more recyclable than plastic, and will break down harmlessly if dumped… everybody wins.

Oh… and if you’re not a Batman fan (even though you’re reading this) A Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, and Star Wars Flip Pops are also available!

Format: Hardbound
Available NOW
Batman ISBN: 9798886632071
Joker ISBN: 9781647227210

Images and review copies courtesy of Insight Editions

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