Jim Lee’s Trinity Triptych Finally Complete After 21 Years

After 21 long years, Jim Lee has finally completed his triptych of the DC Trinity: Batman, Superman, and now Wonder Woman.

The triptych began with Batman’s ‘Knightwatch’ on the cover of the extremely sought-after second printing of Batman #608 (“Hush” Part One – 2002). The Dark Knight stands on the right, perched atop one of Gotham’s many gargoyles, watching over his city as the Batsignal lights up the darkness behind him.

This piece works as a distorted mirror image of the Superman piece, as he stands on the left with the rising yellow sun. Created for Superman #204 (“For Tomorrow” Part One – 200). He’s literally the day to Batsy’s night.

Now, finally, Wonder Woman has been added to the collection, standing proudly between the other heroes, ready to fight and protect. Made to celebrate for second printing of the already sold-out Wonder Woman #1, by Tom King and Daniel Sampere, this version is due to hit the shelves on October 24th.

To really make it a celebration, this fantastic artwork will be released as a special foil triptych variant cover of the DC Trinity,  including Superman #7 (Legacy #850) and Batman #608: Batman Day Special Edition. Batman’s was published on September 5th, while Superman’s will be released on October 17th.

The first issue of the latest volume of Wonder Woman was released on September 26, 2023. The solicitation text reads:

After a mysterious Amazonian is accused of mass murder, Congress passes the Amazon Safety Act, barring all Amazons from U.S. soil.


To carry out their plans, the government starts a task force, the Amazon Extradition Entity (A.X.E.), to remove those who don’t comply, by any means necessary. Now, in her search for the truth behind the killing, Wonder Woman finds herself an outlaw in the world she once swore to protect!

For everyone with the World’s Finest Team Portraits, you hopefully won’t have to wait long before you can add the Wonder Woman piece to complete the DC Trinity Triptych.

Source: Jim Lee

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