Sideshow Reveals Harley Quinn Who Laughs Statues

Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio have teamed up again to give us not one, but three new, terrifying Harley Quinn Who Laughs statues.

Inspired by DC artist Carlos D’anda’s concept of the Harley Quinn Who Laughs, the creators have made a Collectors Edition, Deluxe Version, and Deluxe Bonus Version of the Clown Princess at her darkest. Standing at a massive 30 inches tall, The Mistress of Mayhem wears her signature blue and red costume with a dark twist. Covering fishnets, her metallic red and blue corset and socks which seem to be stapled together, are leather belts and spikes. Lots of spikes. Bud and Lou the hyenas are similarly adorned with spikes and red and blue armour, waiting for their next fight.

Harley comes with four interchangeable faces, one shows her face uncovered with jester makeup and her iconic red and blue jester hat, and another is encased in an iron cage of twisted metal and spiked balls hanging off her hat. Exclusive to the Deluxe Version, she wears something similar to The Batman Who Laughs over her eyes, a thick band of metal with sharp spikes. The Deluxe Bonus Version comes with another head, this time with her blonde dye-tipped pigtails showing but her face completely covered by a smiling metal mask.

The Queen of Chaos’ chosen weapon is a bloodstained cleaver, but with the Deluxe Version, it can be swapped for a bloodied hammer or spiked bat. Her left hand can also be changed from holding her hungry pets’ chains to her clicking her fingers for them to attack. No matter how nightmarish she looks, she’ll always look good next to her psychotic ex, in this case, a demented fusion of her lover, The Batman Who Laughs.

Don’t miss your chance to add one of these stunning Harley Quinn Who Laughs Figures to your nightmares and pre-order today at Sideshow Collectibles.

Additional Details

Purchase Limits Limit of 2 per person
Materials Polyresin

Product Size

Includes Base
Height: 30.7″ (78 cm)
Width: 17.3″ (43.9 cm)
Depth: 20.04″ (50.9 cm)

Statue Size w/ Hammer (Includes Base)
Height: 30.7″ (78 cm)
Width: 18.11″ (46 cm)
Depth: 20.07″ (51 cm)

Statue Size w/Bat (Includes Base)
Height: 30.7″ (78 cm)
Width: 18.89″ (48 cm)
Depth: 22.04″ (56 cm)

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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