Makeup Review: DC X Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty recently released their latest collection, DC X Revolution. It features makeup products and accessories inspired by two of Gotham City’s most notorious ladies Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

This is Revolution Beauty’s third collaboration with DC Comics and, as I had already purchased the previous collections, I decided to purchase several items from this collection. This is my review of the products I purchased and I’m sorry to say that it’s not all good.

As you can see I purchased most of the collection. The only things I didn’t order were the large palette (I opted for the two smaller ones instead), the Harley Quinn makeup sponge, the Harley chrome eyeshadow, dual-ended eyeliners, and the face stickers and gems.

Unsurprisingly the Harley Quinn Rebel Heart and Poison Ivy Botanical Beauty eyeshadow palettes are fantastic. Having said that, I’ve never had an eyeshadow palette from Revolution that I didn’t love.

The Harley Quinn Rebel Heart palette features comic book-style graphics on the outer packaging and palette itself. On the inside of the lid is a diamond mirror and the palette contains matte and shimmering shades of pink and brown, along with one black matte -shadow.

Each of the shades has a name that relates to Harley herself, including A-OK MR J, ANGEL, PIGTAILS, DATE NIGHT, LOVE KILLS, BLONDIE, BLACK HEART, LIL MONSTER and HOW RUDE. The five matte eyeshadows are embossed with the Harley Quinn Diamond logo.

The Poison Ivy Botanical Beauty palette also comes with comic book-style graphics on the packaging and palette. It contains six matte and three shimmering shades of green and brown. The matte eyeshadows have a bottle of “poison” and an ivy leaf embossed in the shadow. The inside of the lid features an ivy leaf mirror and has a picture of Poison Ivy and metallic ivy leaves surrounding the mirror.

Each shade of eyeshadow has a name relating to Poison Ivy including-  CHLOROPHYL, KISS ME, DR. PAMELA, POISON IVY, MOTHER NATURE, VINES, TOXINS, COPPER, and BOTANICAL. I have almost every DC eyeshadow palette that Revolution has ever released but the new Poison Ivy palette is without a doubt my new favorite.

Both eyeshadow palettes are absolutely gorgeous with highly pigmented colors that are easy to apply and look fantastic. I love the comic book-style graphics on the palettes and the fact that they both have themed mirrors.

The Gotham City cosmetics bag features an image of Harley Quinn on one side of the bag and Poison Ivy on the other. It also has a gold DC Comics logo attached to the zip. The bag measures 16.5cm W x 9.5cm H.

This bag looks great and it’s a great size. I actually managed to fit everything that I purchased inside and it still has plenty of room to spare.

The Poison Ivy brush set contains four makeup brushes including a fluffy blending blush, a pointed paintbrush, a flat crease brush, and a fine paint brush. Each of the brushes has a green handle with ivy leaves and gold ferrules.

The brushes have sturdy handles and soft, silky bristles which feel really nice when applying eyeshadow. All of them have a great look and feel, so I can’t wait to use them some more.

The DC X Revolution Chrome Eyeshadow A New Leaf is the only product that doesn’t come packaged in a themed box. The eyeshadow comes in a glittering green tube with ivy leaves and a gold Batman logo.

I’m not usually a fan of cream eyeshadows as they tend to crease a lot but this one’s absolutely gorgeous. On one end is the cream stick, which is a light shimmering green, and on the other end is a metallic liquid that’s a gorgeous shade of gold/green. The chrome eyeshadow glides on easily and feels fantastic and the two colors look great on their own or together.

The Harley Quinn Dangerous Red and Poison Ivy Lucky Kiss lip kits are the first products that I’m not that keen on.


The Harley Quinn Dangerous set comes with themed packaging and includes a black lipliner and red glittering lipstick.

The black lipliner’s OK, but to be honest it doesn’t look great, although I suppose it would be fine for fancy dress/cosplay. The red lipstick’s a great color and I would definitely use it on it’s own.

The Poison Ivy Lucky Kiss lip kit is in my opinion without a doubt the worst thing in the collection. The themed packaging looks nice, but that’s about it.

The red lipliner’s fine, but it’s no different from any other red lipliner. The green gloss is absolutely terrible. It looks like a  glittery emerald green in the tube but when applied is a horrible dark green sludge which looks and feels terrible. I don’t think I would wear this even for a Poison Ivy cosplay. This is just my own personal opinion, though, and others may feel differently about it.

The Poison Ivy Brow and Lash Mascara aren’t great either. Again the packaging looks nice but the product, not so much. The duel-ended mascara is red at one end and green at the other.

I tried both sides on my lashes and neither of them came out great, although I don’t know if this is due to the fact that I have dark lashes. The red is actually more of a brown colour and barely shows up and the green is also very light and didn’t stand out either. I’m not entirely sure but I think this mascara may work better for someone with lighter eyelashes and eyebrows.

The last product that I ordered is the Gotham City Duo Artist Liner Palette and I am really not happy with this one.

The palette’s advertised as an eyeliner but when unboxed everything I noticed a warning on the back which states:


Because of this, I’ve been unable to test it. I ordered this product with the intention of using it as an eyeliner but by the look of things it’s nothing but face paint. I contacted Revolution to ask why they are advertising the product as an eyeliner when it clearly states that it cannot be used on eyes and received the following reply regarding the issue:


The team have stated the below:

The safety of all cosmetic products and their ingredients is governed by strict European laws. As well as this, cosmetic ingredients and their safety are under constant review by the European Commission and its Member States, assisted by the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety). According to EU regulations, the products are completely safe for use as eyeshadows.


In the USA, some pigments classed as safe by the EU for use around the eye area are not allowed and since our products are sold globally we ensure they are compliant for all of our markets hence the symbol.


Thank you!


Kindest regards,

Revolution AB

I have now been able to try the palette and it really is more of a face paint than an eyeliner. The colors are bright and heavily pigmented but I found that I had to add a second layer to really get the colors to pop. The palette’s water-activated, so I may use less water on my brush and see if it makes any difference. I don’t think I will be using this as an eyeliner at all, I will keep it for Halloween, conventions, etc.


Overall I think that Revolution Beauty may have just slightly missed the mark with this collection. Don’t get me wrong, some of the products are fantastic (palettes, chrome eyeshadow, the make-up bag, and brushes) but compared with previous DC Comics collections that they have released it’s not great.

I really hope that they release more DC-themed collections and I think it would be great to see them use some other characters from the DC Universe, as well as Batman family characters.

The DC X Revolution collection is available to order from the website.

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