WB Planned a ‘Batman Beyond’ Movie with Michael Keaton

BATMAN BEYOND, Batman, 1999-2001. (c) Warner Bros. Television/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

A new report apparently reveals that WB studios had plans for a Batman Beyond movie starring Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne.

On the movie podcast The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha. Sneider, an industry insider, reportedly said that Warner Bros had wanted to make a Batman Beyond film. However, due to the restructuring under the purview of new DC head honchos James Gunn and Peter Safran, the film was killed.


The story developed more when the podcast hit airwaves. TheWrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez backed up Sneider’s claims. On Twitter, Gonzalez also reported that Flash screenwriter Christina Hodson began writing a script. Hodson was in the process of writing the treatment before the project was scrapped.

After that report, The Hollywood Reporter revealed some plot points from the movie. Even more interesting, the Batman Beyond movie reportedly was going to resurrect the Batman/Catwoman romance. If the producers wanted Michael Keaton, would that have meant Michelle Pfeiffer could have also returned? There are no details in the report, but wouldn’t that have been a trip?

Would you have liked to have seen a Batman Beyond movie? If so, who do you think could have played Terry McGinnis? Is there a young actor that could have the gravitas to play against an older, grizzled Keaton?

Source: CBR.com, THR.com

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