James Gunn Teases The Future Of DC Movies

There are a lot of things happening at DC Studios right now, but new CEO James Gunn has taken the time out of his busy schedule to reply to some tweets and tease that more is coming to the DC Universe. We all know he likes to dangle that carrot in front of our faces when it comes to new projects.

Waking up to see #ReleaseTheAyerCut and #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow trending on Twitter, Gunn let fans know that he has seen that we want the canceled series Legends of Tomorrow to be revived, and the Ayer Cut of the first Suicide Squad movie. He’s also explained that he and Peter Safran are currently focusing on “Hammering out a new DCU” and telling “The Biggest Story Ever Told”. He also invited fans from across all the multiverses to join “This new universe”.

I may be reading between the lines, but it seems that the DCEU’s being restarted and they’re going to focus on just one timeline that spans across multiple media. Like how the DC Universe always ran previously, but more refined and, hopefully, with no one cutting out the parts of the film that make it worth watching. Gunn has already confirmed that this new universe will not include standalone Matt Reeves’ The Batman, or Todd Phillips’ Joker.

After fans showed concern that we will not be getting the second installment of The Batman that we were promised with the changes going on at Warner Bros. Gunn posted online that it and Joker are both set outside the main DCEU continuity, so will not be affected by the new Universe being built. A fan then asked if he had spoken to Reeves since, and he replied saying:

Of course. He was one of my first phone calls after the announcement.

He then proceeded to tease fans with a picture of Lobo, leading many fans to speculate and hope that the alien bounty hunter will be coming to DC eventually.

DC’s previous attempt at telling a long story through multiple movies didn’t go too well, but maybe, with Gunn and Safran at the helm steering the stories, there’s actually a chance that the DCEU will work. If any of their previous movies are anything to go by, it looks like the new Universe is in safe hands.

We look forward to seeing what will be coming to DC next. Please, tell us what you want in this new Universe. Are there any characters you’re hoping to finally see on the big screen? 

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