‘Batman Adventures’ Artist Ty Templeton Announces Cancer-Free Diagnosis

Popular Batman Adventures artist Ty Templeton announced that he is now cancer-free.

On his blog, Templeton released the good news. Through his trademark Bun Toons comic strip, Templeton documented his medical journey for the past year. Since his colorectal cancer diagnosis last year, Templeton has taken a sabbatical to undergo medical treatment. His most recent comic book work was Batman: The Adventures Continue with writer Paul Dini and Alan Burnett. However, Templeton had to leave the series after The Adventures Continue Season Two issue number one. Initially, there was no indication why he was replaced. Later in June 2021, Templeton revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer.

Fortunately, after a long year of surgeries, chemo treatments, and other invasive medical interventions, Templeton is now considered cancer-free. More exciting, Templeton revealed that he has comic book work in progress, including some featuring a certain Dark Knight. Here is what Templeton wrote in his blog post.

Check out my pages in the newest Miracleman #0, and some upcoming work in Gotham City I probably can’t give more details about yet. It’s good to be back to healthy, and I mean it when I say GET TESTED and STAY ALIVE. I darn well nearly didn’t.

Templeton stressed the importance of getting tested early. He discussed how he foolishly felt cancer symptoms, but chose to ignore them.  This led to his cancer being diagnosed when it was in an advanced stage, leading to a much more longer treatment process.

Dark Knight News wishes a speedy recovery for Ty Templeton, as well as his wife-who also was battling lymphomic cancer. We hope to see this Batman Adventures artistic legend back on the drawing board soon enough!

Source: tytempletonart.wordpress.com

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