Jim Lee Reveals DC Wing of Warner Bros. Studio Tour

by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr
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Jim Lee Shared some behind-the-scenes videos and photos of the new DC Wing of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour from his pre-opening tour.

Lee’s Instagram post gives a sneak peek at the fresh overhaul the company has given its Hollywood Tour, with some special attention to the new DC Wing. Lee’s sneak peek starts with a recreation of the Warner Bros. Studio Lot, including the iconic water tower. From there, we get a look at an interactive touch display that allows you to take a deep dive into each character in the DC Universe. It appears that the information provided allows you to did deep into a well of knowledge; Lee showed off how much data on Batman through the years the system has.

The CCO and publisher of DC Comics moved on to showing off some of the DC Film-related areas of the wing. We see some of Aquaman’s costumes and set pieces before moving on to the world of The Caped Crusader. And while seeing Batman’s costume from Christopher Nolan’s trilogy is nice, it’s not quite as awesome as the screen simulated Batcave. The T-Rex? The giant penny? And the giant joker card? It’s all so good! Lee then pans over to show just how neat this simulated Batcave really is, which shows off numerous iterations of the Batmobile. It then appears that real-life versions of the Batwing, motorcycle, and 1989 Batman’s Batmobile are still on display.


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That’s Not All Folks

Lee takes a pit stop with the sorting hat from Harry Potter and accepting his Oscar to show some of the many other things that are part of the famous studio tour. And of course, there is a gift shop just filled with DC swag.

Lee captioned his post with:

It’s official, @the Warner Bros Tour Hollywood with its Specially designed DC wing is OPEN! Are you ready to step behind the lens to see how Hollywood magic is made? Follow @wbtourhollywood here to learn more and book your next visit today! Here are some pics and videos I shot during an early pre-opening tour of the facility. And an amazing gift shop chock full of DC swag 🙌 Enjoy! And yes that’s a real bonafide Academy Award 👍👍👍

Seeing Lee’s excitement for the tour sure does make me want to visit again; the new DC Wing looks amazing. The tour, and the DC Wing, are officially open and can be booked for your next visit. If you swing by, be sure to share your photos so we can see how much fun it is!

Source: Jim Lee’s Instagram

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