Red Hood Origin Teased in ‘Titans’ Season 3 Trailer

The Titans season three trailer dropped with a bunch of teases of Jason Todd’s transformation into the Red Hood.

Bat-Fans get ready, because this trailer is very Batman-centric.

The clip gives a brief tease, but it appears that we will see Jason Todd’s Red Hood origin story. We get some quick flashes of Jason as Robin, breaking into some abandoned warehouse, and finding a guard with a creepy giant smile on his face. There’s also a snapshot of an infamous crowbar too, as well as a wide shot of a shadowy figure beating on… something.

Check out the trailer below.


What’s Not in the ‘Titans’ Trailer?

We don’t get to see much beyond Red Hood and Nightwing teases; some glimpse of the Dove, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven, as well as some team shots. For the most part though, it remains unknown what the rest of the Titans’ character arcs will be for the season.

Hopefully, HBO Max decides to put out more mini-trailers that showcase the rest of the team before the season three premier on August 12.

Not seen in the trailer is Damaris Lewis as Blackfire. We also know that Scarecrow will be another antagonist for the season, with Vincent Kartheiser playing the villain. Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon  are also set to appear in the third season. Tim’s inclusion definitely makes sense, particularly now that we know that Jason Todd will soon be giving up the Robin identity.

Titans season one and two are now available for streaming on HBO Max in America.


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