McFarlane Toys’ Suicide Squad Action Figures Out Soon!

by Lauren Fiske
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Everyone knows that The Suicide Squad is on its way, and that there’s going to be some amazing merchandise coming out soon! McFarlane Toys’ founder Todd McFarlane announced on Twitter that his company is releasing the coolest new action figures of the main characters from the blockbuster. Now, fans will be able to recreate countless scenes from the film, once we’ve actually seen them that is!

The Suicide Squad action figures look fantastic. They’re vibrant and colorful and clearly have a lot of possibilities for poses. Each figure seems to have some sort of accessory in the form of their weapon, perhaps excepting King Shark.

Harley Quinn’s figure is in a dress that I’m not sure fans have seen before. Her pigtails are longer than they’ve been in the past, and her skirt is high enough on one leg that we get to see one of her tattoos. The amount of detail on those, even the one on her face (!), is very impressive!

King Shark is in textured shorts and brandishes his giant fin-like hands. There’s not too much to say about his figure since he’s a CGI figure in the film, but his bodily dimensions are portrayed well. Also, King Shark seems like a horrible figure to step on on accident, at least if all those teeth come into play!

Yet to be released ‘The Suicide Squad’ action figures from McFarlane Toys

Peacemaker is brandishing a sword and is wearing his classic helmet. The paint on the helmet and the intricate designs are quite well-done. Most impressive with The Peacemaker’s figure however is how accurate the toymakers were able to get the facial sculpt. John Cena’s jaw line is sharp and is instantly recognizable.

Bloodsport’s face is sadly covered by his own helmet. Most previews have featured Idris Elba’s lovely face, but McFarlane’s Toys went a different direction. The final product is genuinely intimidating. Plus the detail in his musculature and the pieces of the leather suit are astounding.

Now for my personal favorite of The Suicide Squad characters, Polka Dot Man. Not only does he have his weapon as an accessory, he’s wearing sunglasses, a bracer, and a belt. His jumpsuit is covered in his iconic dots of many colors. Admittedly though, Polka Dot Man’s costume does remind one of Mike TeeVee from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

These figures all look fantastic. There’s still some time before they’re out to buy, but they will be available for pre-order soon!

Which figure are you most excited to purchase? Did any of your favorite characters get left off the toy roster? Let us know below!

The Suicide Squad will debut in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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