First Look at Jerry Ordway’s Variant Cover For Batman ’89 #1

by John Hammond
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Jerry Ordway is a name that every comic book fan will/should know.  Writer, penciller, inker and painter of comic books.  Mr Ordway has been prolific in the world of DC Comics, having worked on Superman, The Power of Shazam and the amazing Crisis on Infinite Earths, among many other wonderful stories.  It’s safe to say therefore, that the man has pedigree.  It’s also a safe bet that Bat-Fans will be happy to learn that he’s produced a variant cover for an upcoming book.  Here, we present a first look at Jerry Ordway’s variant cover for Batman ’89 #1, alongside the main cover by Joe Quinones.

People will be aware that Mr Ordway illustrated the Batman ’89 official movie adaptation.  This is a wonderful companion piece to the movie, I’m sure you’ll agree.  You will also note that style, both the official movie adaptation and the variant cover for Batman ’89 #1 sharing many similarities.  It must also be noted that on this variant cover we finally get to see how Billy Dee Williams’ Two-Face might have looked, if we hadn’t ended up with Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever.

I, for one, am really excited about this comic book release, as well as the upcoming Superman ’78 book.

Issue 1 of Batman ’89 will be released on August 10th, with a story by Sam Hamm, plus pencils and inks by Joe Quinones.  The serieswill premier on digital and in print on the same day (which is amazing as I don’t really do digital) and will be released monthly thereafter.

Step back into the Gotham of Tim Burton’s seminal classic Batman movies! Batman ’89 brings in screenwriter Sam Hamm (Batman, Batman Returns) and artist Joe Quinones (Dial H for Hero) to pull on a number of threads left dangling by the prolific director. Gotham becomes torn in two as citizens dressed as Batman and The Joker duke it out in the streets. As D.A. Harvey Dent tries to keep the city together, he targets the one problem tearing it apart: BATMAN! And he’ll get Bruce Wayne’s help in taking down the Dark Knight!

Let us know what you think of the cover, whether you’re looking forward to the book and if you’ll be picking it up.  Cheers…

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