Spinmaster’s Batman Rebirth Action Figures Released

by Lauren Fiske
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Spinmaster have released brand new Batman Rebirth action figures, which look look classic, but still celebrate the Caped Crusader in fun new ways.

Each toy is 4 inches in height, and features 11 points of articulation, allowing for tons of dynamic poses. Although the two figures shown below are the same in their dimensions and abilities, they have different paint.

The first figure is Batman in his classic costume; a grey body suit, with black accessories (other than a gold utility belt and detailing around the Bat logo).

The second figure appears relatively similar in color., but this Batman’s wearing his technical suit. The figure appears to be more muscular and is fitted with more armor. The bodysuit is a metallic grey, and the utility belt is more detailed.

Each figure comes with three mystery accessories, as well as one of four missions for Batman to complete. The accessories are random, but come in colors that match their missions. These include “Carnival Chaos”, “Harbor Defender”, “Sky Detective” or “Arkham Asylum Escape”.

These Batman Rebirth action figures look like a great time.

Don’t forget, if you do grab these, to also buy additional figures from the Caped Crusader’s stories, to bring classic scenes to life!

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