DC Comics to Leave Mattel To Partner With Spin Master

Mattel DC

After almost 20 years being partnered with the well known toy giants Mattel, Warner Bros. today announced that they will be ending their relationship in order to partner up with Spin Master.

The deal is set in place to begin in Spring of 2020, with Spin Master putting a focus on the boy’s action category, remote control and robotic vehicles, water toys and games, and puzzles. The global licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) will last for three years. Spin Master’s Global President and COO Ben Gadbois had this to say:

Partnering with an iconic brand like DC is a major milestone for Spin Master and is part of our strategy to invest in successful licenses to further grow and diversify our business. Children everywhere have been entertained and inspired by DC Super Heroes™ and Super-Villains™ for more than 80 years and we’re honoured to be a part of that storytelling and imagined play. We are looking forward to bringing Spin Master’s renowned innovation to the toy line and to sharing more details about this exciting partnership in the new year.

While it is unsure exactly why DC decided to ditch Mattel, it could come down to the technology boom that is sweeping the younger generations currently, with interest in traditional toys on the decline. Alternatively, it could be the fact that Mattel sales dropped by 15% in 2018. RThe powerhouse partnership may be ending, but isn’t completely over as Mattel will still retain the rights to the pre-school and girls’ toy categories. The rest of their investments will be moved to Spin Master effective 2020.

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Tyler Harris

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