Sideshow Present ‘Batman’ 2oz Silver Coin

by John Hammond
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Article by John Hammond

Following on from our article last month, where we wrote about the release of the ‘Joker 1oz silver coin, Sideshow have now unveiled a new ‘Batman’ 2oz silver coin. This new coin will be made of pure silver, and comes to you courtesy of the New Zealand Mint.

About this Silver Collectible

Sideshow and New Zealand Mint are excited to unmask a brand-new Batman Coin, and this unique collectible is a weighty 2oz of silver!

This incredible coin replicates the Dark Knight’s cowl in perfect detail. The use of 2oz of pure silver allows the coin greater depth in its design, and although it is shaped like Batman’s head, it is still legal tender.

Along with a quality coin case, Batman-themed outer box, and certificate of authenticity, this coin is a collector’s dream. We know these types of coins are widely sought after so be sure to order before it sells out!

This is a beautiful thing and shows a perfect representation of The Dark Knight’s cowl.  Considering the size it will  be, it contains a great amount of detail.  Oh, and as you’ll see above, it’ll be legal tender – but who’s going to use it, right?

The ‘Batman’ 2oz silver coin is now available to pre-order of the Sideshow website and has an arrival date of between January and March this year.  It must be noted however, that items such as these are always very much sought after by fans of the character and DC Comics, but maybe even more so by coin collectors.  Therefore, if you want to bag yourself one, I’d do so in a timely manner as these are going very quickly.

Please let us know if you manage to get one, or even let us know your thoughts on the item.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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