Review: Teen Titans: Endless Winter #1

by James Stone
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Teen Titans: Endless Winter #1
Writers: Ron Marz and Andy Lanning
Artists: Jesus Merino, Cam Smith and Marco Santucci
Color Artists: Hi-Fi and Arif Prianto
Letterers: Rob Leigh and Troy Peteri
Review by James Stone

What I always love about the Teen Titans is how many characters you get to enjoy and this issue is really taking that to the max. Following the vicious attacks from the Frost King, Teen Titans: Endless Winter #1sees the team aided by the Donna Troy, as they find themselves in a fight for survival, in part six of the Endless Winter story.

The flip side to so many characters in each issue is the risk of not spending enough focus on certain characters. Ron Marz and Andy Lanning to a tremendous job is given each member of the Titans enough page time to keep them all an integral part of the story. People like Crush and Roundhouse in particular stood out this issue by getting the job done during the battle scenes, whilst also offering some light-hearted moments in Titans Tower.

Artist Jesus Merino, Inker Cam Smith and Colorist HI-FI combine to create a masterful feast for the eyes with page after page of bright, detailed and stunning artwork. There are a few pages towards the end with large splashes beautifully depicting a vicious winter storm and I was impressed with the way in which our characters stand out by the use of their primary colors. Red Arrow’s bold red, Beast Boy’s vibrant green and Kid Flash’s bright yellow stand out as beacons for good in the bleak, villainous surroundings.


Rob Leigh and Troy Peteri deserve a special mention for their letters, as with an issue heavily covered in snow they both did a great job of making the words stand out. White on white is a difficult combination, but the bold text bubbles and position of the words helped them stand out, and compliment the flow of the story. 

Teen Titans: Endlesss Winter #1 is part of a crossover event the story will continue next in Justice League Dark #29.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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