‘Batman: Death In The Family’ To Be DC’s First Interactive Movie

by Carl Bryan
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Article by Carl Bryan

Holy Control Alt Delete?

Are we able to correct history?  I mean, didn’t we have a chance at one time to decide the fate of Jason Todd? Is DC giving us a do-over? If so… at what price? DC’s first ever interactive animated movie, Batman: Death In The Family, answers all those questions.

So many routes and questions?

Viewers can make the decision Black Mirror style, as this trailer provides Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Red Hood, and so many more… and are those scenes directly from Batman: Under The Red Hood? I love animation!

With an R rating, this movie’s going to be gritty, but it will also provide a lot of different routes to watch, and decisions to make.  Now you get to decide… Does Robin die or live?  Let’s see what kind of hero, or villain, you are.


This is a game changer in terms of DC history and now it’s not just a life-or-death phone call, it’s a flick of a remote control button.  Good luck! The control is now in your hands.

Let us know if you will be purchasing Batman: Death In The Family, and if you do, what are you going to choose?

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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