Review: Harley Quinn – Black+White+Red #1.2

by Kendra Smart
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“Fashion Victim”
Writer and Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Letterer: John J. Hill
Review by Kendra Hale

Ballroom Feels

Harley Quinn – Black+White+Red #1.2 is here, and it gives us the wonder that is “Fashion Victim”, where a clown and a kitty, strut down the catwalk.

Last week we got “Red” by the wonderful Stjepan Šejiċ, along with Gabriela Downie. That was quite a tough story to follow – just my personal opinion. However, that said, we get a #1.2 that’s far and away worth a read… and the artwork? Slayed the house.

Let’s dive right in.

He Said What?!

Harley’s a sucker for social media. Being Gotham’s villainess queen comes with a shower of likes and comments, and these compliments range from commenting on her perfect hair and makeup, to her bravery. Until Bernie the beaver points out the one bad comment, which launches Harley against her new nemesis, Catwoman.

Suddenly Catwoman and Harley find themselves in an underground fashion show in which they’d better hope their villainous glam is fully up to the scratch… or else.

The Category Is… Revenge

Harley Quinn – Black+White+Red #1.2 is quite humorous, and the artwork is stunning. Mirka Andolfo has such a uniquely beautiful style, which is perfectly matched by John J. Hill’s letters. “Fashion Victim ” is a wonderful read, and definitely hits all the right notes.

I love the Killer Frost features, they’re absolutely hilarious. 


Just like the first story, Harley Quinn – Black+White+Red #1.2 is a great little take on the Harley’s World. I love that DC has these stories available for just ninety-nine cents, because they’re affordable and absolutely well worth the buck. What I really hope is, once these are all done, that they’ll gather them all together in a collected edition.

“Fashion Victim” delivered a really good time, with a great story, and highly enjoyable art.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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