‘Batwoman’ Showrunner Caroline Dries Promises They Won’t Erase Kate Kane

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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

To put it lightly, there’s a lot going on with Batwoman at the moment. Following the season 1 finale, it was announced that series lead, Ruby Rose will not be returning for season 2. The announcement would go on to explain that the role of the Kate Kane would be given to a new actor. However, that all changed when a casting call went up for a new character named Ryan Wilder, our new Batwoman. Showrunner Caroline Dries confirmed the news herself at a virtual television festival, explaining that the initial plan was as described in the first announcement, but changed when Greg Berlanti offered his advice. Kate Kane being a very beloved character, the fan petitions began. Seemingly in response to all of it, Dries made a statement on her Twitter, where she promised that they won’t erase Kate Kane.

The Disappearance of Kate Kane

Yep, quite a lot of background in order to get to this developing story. I feel like this season 2 pre-production drama is going to outweigh the actual season 2 when it arrives, which is unfortunate. Mostly because it won’t give the new actor a chance to really show her chops with this controversy looming over her. Regardless, let’s get to that statement that Caroline Dries posted to her Twitter. You can read it below:

Clearly, she’s in damage control mode. Personally, I’m not totally aware of the “Bury the Gays” trope, and while some members of the LGBTQ+ community have used that argument against this choice, I’m not totally certain it applies. They are replacing this character with another out lesbian, and therefore, not removing a gay character. It seems to me that fans are taking more issue with such an important character being tossed aside.

While I personally don’t relate to Kate, I know she means a lot to several people, and replacing someone who people have loved and related to for so long isn’t the smartest move. It’s an interesting choice from a narrative perspective, certainly, and a new overarching plot to cover season 2, but it’s a choice that fans are simply not happy with.

I’m not totally sure why they’re remaining steadfast on a choice that was seemingly last minute and clearly unpopular. At the very least, you can take comfort in the fact that they won’t erase Kate Kane.

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