Jim Lee Auctions Artwork To Help Struggling Comic Shops

by Carl Bryan
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Article by Carl Bryan

A Legend Giving Back

Jim Lee is more than just an iconic artist. On top of being the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, he’s also taking it upon himself to play the role of hero to brick and mortar comic shops struggling to survive an ever-growing stay at home mandate throughout America due to the coronavirus.

It’s no secret that Lee’s artwork is popular, not just with DC fans, but with most comic book readers in general.

Having drawn some of the most iconic comic book covers of all time, Lee has been a driving force in the industry since his days on Uncanny X-Men. His pencilling, with or without color or inks, is a must-have for avid comic art collectors.

And Lee is using the power of his pencil for good–auctioning off artwork for the next two months to raise money for random comic book shops, hoping to alleviate some of the hit they are taking from state-mandated self-quarantine measures.

Nightwing by Jim Lee

Nightwing Starts Us Off!

So yesterday, Jim Lee began with Dick Grayson as Nightwing! Here’s a chance to get some original art and do something good during these unprecedented times. He will be drawing and posting 60 different sketches – one a day over the next two months – which he will then be auctioning off with all the proceeds going to different random brick and mortar stores.

High bidder of each sketch gets to pick the next DC character I draw for the very next sketch! No character to be repeated! Bidding is open as this started officially this past Wednesday (4/1)

Follow Jim Lee

Follow along with Jim Lee’s sketches – and his locked-down-life – on his Instagram channel. As he says, DC Comics characters only… so give him some fun ones; the Creeper, Bizarro… reach way back in the closet.

Let us know what you do!

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