ORLY have released ‘Birds of Prey’ Themed Nail Polish

ORLY nail polish... fantabulous?
Article by Eric Lee

ORLY Cosmetics is launching Harley Quinn-inspired nail polish shades based on Birds of Prey.

The nail polish maker has teamed with Birds of Prey to release a set made up of three colors only Harley would love. Among the shades are: “Mind Over Mayhem,” a bright pink creme; “Freaking Fantabulous,” a pink/blue glitter; and “Emancipate This,” a bright yellow creme.

The limited edition set is currently available for sale on the ORLY website for $28.

Other Potential Tie-Ins

While it’s cool to see wacky, Harley Quinn nail polish, what about the other characters? Just imagine if they marketed a deep black mascara for vigilantes. They could come in different shades inspired by Black Canary, Cassandra Cain, and Huntress.

If companies want to be more daring, they should release a Black Mask line of makeup. Imagine make-up to specifically contour ones’ face like a black skull. That’s money on the table Warner Bros!

Birds Of Prey hits theaters on February 7, 2020.


Eric Lee

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