Jason Fabok Teases Art From ‘Batman: Three Jokers’

Article by Eric Lee

Artist Jason Fabok has teased some art from his latest project Batman: Three Jokers.

On Twitter, Fabok released a partial image of Batman and Batgirl. The heroes are staring at an unknown element with an unsure look on their faces. Fabok also commented how much he loves drawing Batgirl. Check out the preview below.

Interestingly, Fabok reports that the one page takes days for him to complete. The man is definitely putting a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into drawing this project. And it shows. The detail in his art looks amazing so far!

‘Three Jokers’

Batman: Three Jokers is the follow-up to the revelation in Geoff Johns’ Justice League run. At the end of The Darkseid War storyline, Batman discovered there are actually three separate Jokers.  The plot of the three Jokers never materialized after a brief reference in the DC Universe: Rebirth special.

However, Johns and Fabok promise to pick up on the plot in the three-issues mini-series. Each issue of the mini-series will be 46-pages long each. It will also be published under DC’s Black Label imprint.

Batman: Three Jokers has no release date yet.


Eric Lee

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