SDCC 18: ‘Three Jokers’ Mini-Series Details Revealed

by Eric Lee
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At his Comic-Con spotlight panel, writer Geoff Johns opened up about the much-teased Three Jokers mini-series.

Despite potential universe-shattering effects, Johns promises the story to be intimate. Johns on the tone:

I’ve never really done a Batman story beyond Batman: Earth One, and if I’m going to tell a Batman story, I want it to be amazing and cool and something no one’s ever seen before. This is a story about the shared pain between Bruce and Barbara and Jason and the way that some scars heal wrong and some heal right. I think of this as a Joker story. By the end of this series, Bruce and Joker will have a relationship that is completely different than the one they have now.

Three Jokers will be released in the winter as a three-issue prestige format limited series. It will be published under DC’s Black Label imprint, although the series is set in the main DC continuity.  Additionally, Justice League artist Jason Fabok is also set to do the art on the series.

Crisis Of Infinite Jokers

The idea of three different Jokers originally came from John’s Darkseid War arc in Justice League. In this story, Batman climbed on Metreon’s Mobious Chair and asked, “What is the Joker’s true name?” The answer? The Joker is actually three different people. The idea was briefly referred in the DC: Rebirth special, but hasn’t been revisited in any real depth since.

Batman discovers the Joker’s secret in ‘Darkseid War’

Furthermore, Johns teased some interesting conflicts deriving from three Jokers meeting each other. Johns on a specific scene:

There’s a really fun scene where Joker drives this truck and he gets to the woods and he goes up to this cabin in the woods and there’s another Joker standing there in the door wearing a Hawaiian shirt and the Joker who drove up says, “That’s my shirt.”

Three Jokers will  be released in winter 2019.

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