Fan Creates Animated ‘Joker’ Promo in Clay-Mation

Joker promo in clay-mation
Article by Eric Lee

An online fan has created a unique Joker promo in clay-mation, featuring Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the character.

User TrentShyClaymations decided to show his excitement for the Joker movie through the wonders of stop-motion clay animation on Reddit. The 5-second long looped video features Phoenix’s clay-mation visage as Arthur Fleck. However, once he puts his hands up and then down, he transforms into the Joker. Naturally, the film’s tagline “Put on a happy face” accompanies the video.


via Gfycat

Joker in Clay-Mation

The video is certainly one of the most unique pieces of fan art inspired by the film. Not only does it shows an uncanny likeness to the actor, but also is weirdly in-tone for the movie. One can only hope that TrentShyClaymations re-creates other similar movie scenes in clay. Heck, I’d totally watch every movie ever made if it was re-done in clay-mation. One can only imagine something like Scarface done solely in clay!

What do you think of this unique Joker promo in clay-mation? Let us know.

Joker hits theaters October 4, 2019.

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