Sideshow Unleashes New Preview Of TAS Joker

by Kendra Smart
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Article written by Kendra Hale

Why be disfigured, when you can be a notorious crime boss?

Sideshow is leaving us chomping at the bit with their new teaser of an animated Joker statue.

Based on the look from The Animated Series, this piece will be joining Sideshow’s Batman: TAS Collection. He’ll be joining other great statues like Bats himself, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.

Very little is given to us in the teaser, we see him with what looks to be a fish gun and some playing cards. His smile though, as always, is the same. Of course, we will always haunted by Mark Hamill’s voice acting, which brought the character to life so well.






All you have to do in order to get the specs? Sign up to join Slideshow’s RSVP list. Not only will you get all the information on this amazing statue but you also get the opportunity to pre-order him BEFORE the actual pre-order goes live! Which is absolutely incredible since these figures are quite exclusive, usually only getting 400 to 600 per issue of their characters!

Allow me a bit of speculation, dear readers. Going from the previous statues in this collection, when it comes to specifications and quality. Sideshow Collectibles has always given fans the best quality there really is when it comes to collectible pieces. This statue should be no different.

I will assume that his height will be the same as the other statues in the collection, coming in at at least 16 inches in height. The colors look just as vibrant and the attention to detail is phenomenal.

Since some of the statues have other different attachments I am curious to see what they have in store for this one and the options. Like I stated earlier, and you can see in the photo of the teaser, he does have a few cards up his sleeve. I truly wonder if they will add his signature BAM! Gun to the piece for posterity’s sake, fingers crossed.

“Well that was fun, who’s for Chinese?”

While this is just in the preview stage and he’s not even available for pre-order yet, I can give a glimpse at what we may be expecting price wise if what came before it is anything to go by.

The holy Trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are set at $425, Harley Quinn is currently up for pre-order at $435. I assume the biggest different is that with Harley you also get the added bonus of her beloved hyenas Bud and Lou as well.

I am assuming that if we are just getting the Joker himself, we would be looking at just the $425 range. As it’s just a preview though, and not even a whole description, we could be in for a surprise.

What do you think of the teaser Sideshow Collectibles has given us? Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the comments below!

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