DC Co-Publishers Strike Back at Wendy’s for Choosing a Side in Marvel vs. DC Debate

Who knew that the person running Wendy’s social media accounts was a big geek?

The sharp-tongued individual behind the burger chain’s social media savagery dealt a huge blow to DC earlier this week. The great writer Gail Simone decided to ask Wendy’s which comic book universe they preferred and Wendy’s actually answered back. Apparently, while they love both comic book universes, they prefer Marvel over DC.

What a huge betrayal, man! While I’m not the biggest patron of fast food, Wendy’s has always been my favorite member of the Burger Trinity they form part of, with Burger King and McDonald’s. I kid, of course.

Since then, however, we’ve been treated to a congenial battle between fast food and comic books. What a wonderful match made in heaven!

Lovin’ Having it Their Way

Heartbroken, DC’s co-publishers sought vengeance by casting some savagery of their own.


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Here we see, King Dan DiDio thoroughly enjoying a succulent burger from BK, while Duke Jim Lee takes a break from his Micky D’s to sip some soda. I personally would make Jim Lee the king for being such an incredible artist, but the crown doesn’t lie.

Personally, I love both dearly, but I have a huge preference for DC. Similar to my colleague, Chris Foti, I believe that it’s okay to love both and have a preference. In fact, I believe that that’s the mentality to have overall.

Regardless, this is all in good fun and let’s hope it stays that way.

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