Review: Nightwing #54

by Philip Clark
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“Knight Terrors” – Part Five

Writers: Scott Lobdell & Fabian Nicieza

Artists: Garry Brown & Will Conrad

The first page gave me chills, and it kept pace every panel afterwards. High octane pages of the Nightwings on one page. Then slower paced, more character driven segments focusing on Ric Grayson. The contrast between the two make this comic an excellent read.

There are a lot of internal struggles in this issue, giving the characters a lot more depth, and there are still a lot of plot threads dangling behind the scenes.

I’m incredibly interested in seeing how things play out and what effect, if any, they’ll have on Ric and Bludhaven.

Ric’s A New Man

Richard Grayson wants nothing more than to be rid of his old life and start anew. Focusing on shedding the identity of Dick Grayson, Ric starts attending a psychiatrist.

Ric admits that he no longer wants to be Dick Grayson, but doesn’t want to be a disappointment to those that knew him previously. Coming to a compromise within oneself about who you were and who you wish to be is something that anyone can relate to. Especially those going through some form of internal conflict.

It’s obvious already that Ric Grayson is going to be a very different person to Dick Grayson. Some of the decisions made by Ric already contrast with those that Dick would have made. While there are also similarities between the characters, the differences are quite obviously there.

The artwork in this issue really keeps in theme with previous chapters, as well as the vibe that Bludhaven gives off. I love the look and feel of Bludhaven, it’s gritty and dirty, which goes well with the characters and story in the comic too.


This is an excellent comic. Lobdell has done really well since taking over the title from Benjamin Percy. The comic, and the character of Nightwing is evolving and changing, and I for one am and looking forward to the new direction it’s going in.

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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