‘Titans’ Jason Todd Actor Teases Character’s Look

Jason Todd actor Curran Walters recently took to Twitter to show off his new hairdo in for an upcoming Titans episode.

In the latest episode “The Messenger”, Dick Grayson found himself in a bad situation. He was overwhelmed by armored gunmen and was getting brutally beaten. Suddenly, a smoke bomb went off and a figure tore through the gunmen. Todd then made his introduction to Grayson with the words, “I’m the new Robin”

Jason Todd – The New Robin

Walters took a moment to tease fans with his character-inspired hair. His behind-the-scenes photo didn’t reveal much, but it contained the cryptic caption:

Curran is set to make a full appearance as the second Robin in the upcoming Titans episode – aptly titled Jason Todd.

Catch the preview for the episode below.

Watch how the rest of the Titans are confused by the concept of multiple Robins.

Titans, you think that two Robins are mind-blowing? In a few years, there will be even more of them; one of them will be a girl and another the literal son of Batman.

Now that will make your heads explode.


Eric Lee

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