Review: Archie Meets Batman ’66 #4

by Kendra Hale
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“Archie Meets Batman ’66” – Part Four

Writers: Jeff Parker & Michael Moreci
Artists: Dan Parent, J. Bone & Kelly Fitzpatrick

Back to Riverdale we go for Issue 4 of Archie Meets Batman ’66, and things have most certainly come to a head, dear reader. In this issue the villains not only begin to reveal their real intentions but, as The Caped Crusader, Boy Wonder, and Batgirl are about to find out, their plan is already going into effect all over the town!

Holy Cheeseburgers Jughead!

With the kidnapped Jughead fighting the influence of The Joker, who’s looking to add a new clown to his carnival of crime, the rest of the gang is on their own. The parts being played by the other villains are finally coming to light and after a failed attempt to help; Robin and Batgirl enter into more danger than they bargained for. There seems to be no hope for Riverdale.

Can Archie and friends figure out the truth about just what is going on in their beloved town?

Do What We Say

Jughead for me plays a major part in this issue, the scenes between him and the Joker are quite humorous and resonate so closely to the original feel of the comics that it feels like you’re in a time capsule. This has been a consistent throughout this series. The pure nostalgia truly makes every book a treat, and that is a huge compliment to the writing and art team for this series. They have literally built a ’66 book that feels familiar and yet also moulds to be easy for modern readers to access with ease.


There are only two issues left in this series, and the flow has been seamless. This build up is painstaking as we wait to see what part each character will play. The art style used by penciller Dan Parent immediately puts us right in the mood. When paired with the rest of the art team, J. Bone on inks and Kelly Fitzpatrick on colors, the books are right where they should be… in our hot little hands, being read.

What are your thoughts on the Archie Meets Batman ’66 series so far readers? Are you enjoying the series? Let us know in the comments below.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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