Remembering Norm Breyfogle

The Loss of a Legend

On September 24, 2018 the city of Gotham collectively shuddered and their world got darker. Here in the real world we, as a whole; whether artist, writer, comic reader, or just Batfan in general, mourned the great loss of the one of the legendary Batman artists.

The beloved Norm Breyfogle left this world earlier this week, and quite honestly a shockwave has been felt through, not only the comics community, but fandom itself.


Most well-known for his comic book art on DC Comics’ Batman franchise from 1987 to 1995, Breyfogle did so much more than that. During that time, he co-created the villains Ventriloquist and Ratcatcher with writers Alan Grant and John Wagner. With Grant he gave the series the characters of Jeremiah Arkham and Victor Zsasz. Those are just a few of some of the greatest villains Gotham has seen.

Outside of the DC Universe he co-created with writers Gerard Jones and Len Strazewski the Malibu Comics Ultraverse flagship hero Prime, and both wrote and drew the series featuring his original character Metaphysique worth the sane publisher.

His work and attitude inspired generations of comics fans and future artists. He was a man who, while classically trained in art, also knew how to evoke emotions from his readers with his art and writing.

Breyfogle was a man of many hats, not only as a writer, colorist, and penciller but he was also an exceptional inker. In the span of his career he not only drew for comics, he even provided illustrations for children’s books and several commissions for fans.

He was a man that many look up to, and surely, in generations to come, many more children and adults will discover his work and the passion that he held for it, and he will continue to be an influence long after his untimely passing.

Mr. Breyfogle, as one artist to another, thank you. Thank you for everything that you did, not only for The Dark Knight, but for the medium that is comics. Thank you for being a beacon for so many individuals that love comics, whether as readers, collectors, artist, or fans.

Our heartfelt condolences to your family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and fans all over the world.

You will truly be missed.

Kendra Hale

Kendra Hale is a ravenous devourer of all mediums. She can usually be found multitasking between art, tv shows, music, and gaming. She is a Mother, Wife, Author, and Inker in additions to writing articles and reviews for Dark Knight News, Fantastic Universes, Planet 9, Gothic Bite Magazine, and discussing the Harley Quinn Animated series with her crew on Mad Love: A Harley Quinncast.