Sideshow Reveal Batman Vs. Superman Fine Art Print

by Adam Ray
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It’s an easy mistake to make to think that Sideshow toys only make statues. It’s a mistake, I’ll openly admit to making. I’ve been to many comic book stores and stared at the beautiful, detailed statues behind glass then continued on my way after seeing the price tags. While looking through their latest unveiling of many pieces, seeing this art print was a great surprise.

This new piece by Sideshow is quite unique. It’s true they do more statues than prints like this, but there are some, and this is one of their best, simply because it’s Batman in an epic confrontation with Superman.

Framing the Piece

The artists, Alex Pascenko and Ian MacDonald have done an excellent job on this print. The scene is simple. Batman and Superman are slugging it out in the Fortress of Solitude. Batman is wearing a kryptonite ring to level the fight out and make it all the more even.

The painting itself is a nice and big twenty four by eighteen inches, on a cotton canvas. It uses strong archival ink to last and stay vibrant but detailed for years to come. The frame is made of recycled plastic and the wire backing goes straight on with no hardware or additional materials. I do like my memorabilia convenient and ethically sourced.

I think the art piece itself works so well because it’s so simple in what it depicts but illustrated so beautifully. These two heroes have clashed often in the past, and this could be a portrait of that fight from almost any point in their tenuous relationship. Their looks are iconic but without details that date them in specific continuities, which really adds to the timelessness of the whole print. All that considered, you can see the anger on both their faces and the detail of ruffling capes and shifting ice making it heavily detailed.

An eager fan can find this in their current selection, but move fast; like all Sideshow products, this one is extremely limited.

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