Nicolas Cage Had “A Terrific Time” Voicing Superman

by Philip Clark
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Nicolas Cage has been wanting to play Superman for a while now. He almost got the opportunity in the cancelled Superman Lives movie. In 2009, pictures surfaced of Cage in a Superman suit. In 2015, a crowd-funded documentary about the film’s cancellation was released. Over the course of the last decade, since the pictures surfaced, it has come to light that the actor is a massive Superman fan.

It was only fitting then, that when it came to finding the voice for the Man of Steel for Teen Titans GO! To The Movies, that Cage take the part. The actor is no stranger to voice-over work either, having roles in 2009’s G-Force and 2013’s The Croods. This role however, came about through someone close to Cage’s heart, his son Kal-El. A certain young Caped Crusader was voiced by the young Cage, a fan of the Teen Titans GO! show.

When asked about the experience voicing the iconic hero, the actor had this to say;

It wasn’t really the version that Tim Burton and I had in mind, but it was just fun. It was terrific, it was just nice to be involved in something my kid loves and we got to do it together.

So far Teen Titans GO! To The Movies has been getting pretty good press. While not maybe being the most critically acclaimed movie, the film certainly seems like it’s a lot of fun to watch.

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