‘Justice League Action’ Now On Hulu

Justice League Action’s future is still uncertain on Cartoon Network. Actress Rachel Kimsey’s Facebook friends were tipped to news that some of us didn’t know. The actor who voices Wonder Woman on Justice League Action has revealed that the series will now be available on Hulu.

Kimsey stars with Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Jason J. Lewis (Superman). If you’ve never seen this show, it always starts in the middle of the – for lack of a better word – action.

All 26 episodes of the first season are available for viewing.

Unfortunately, Justice League Action was not a part of Cartoon Network’s upfront event this past spring. The good news is that, in addition to Hulu, you can find the series on digital media, and there’s a 98% chance that it will also be on DC’s flagship streaming service – DC Universe.

So, if Cartoon Network does cancel the series, let’s hope DC Universe will give us a second season.

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Kevin Gunn

Kevin is married with 5 children and 4 grandchildren. He loves all things related to DC Comics, even those movies that get a bad rep like "Batman & Robin" and "Catwoman." He has a degree in Communication and has a Masters degree in Public Administration. His favorite DC hero and villain are Black Lightning (though Batman is a close second) and Black Manta respectively. Kevin tries to exemplify being a hero every day by helping others. Something interesting about him: he was a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune." Follow Kevin on Twitter - @captsigma