New ‘Titans’ Trailer; DC Universe Subscription Service Details

by Eric Lee
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DC Universe has released more pricing information and the first trailer to its original series Titans.

The DC service will initially launch on Android and iOS operating systems in Fall 2018. Fortunately, that is just the beginning, as it will then expand to more platforms later on.

The pre-order price will be $74.99 for a year or $7.99 monthly. Additionally, the service will offer 3-months free for early subscribers.

Fans can also enter the Aquaman Premiere Sweepstakes as a bonus for pre-ordering the service between July 19 (9:30 PST) to July 22 (5 PST).

‘Titans’ Trailer

In addition to these pricing details, the first trailer to Titans has also dropped.


The trailer depicts a young teenage Raven on the run and seeking help. Soon, she finds it in the form of Dick Grayson.

Most of the Titans are seen briefly, but the only ones we see in full are Robin and Raven. Robin is super hardcore and intense as he grapples one bad guy and steps on the neck of another goon.

“Where’s Batman?” a thug asks. “Fu*k Batman,” responds Robin.

Raven’s powers are also teased in the preview. She seems to be able to project a dark energy outwardly as an offensive attack. Her more sinister side is also briefly shown.

“Sometimes, when I feel the darkness,” Raven confesses. “It feels good.”

DC Universe and Titans will launch in Fall 2018.

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