DC Universe Online Is Coming: Information Released On August 2018 Launch

by Adam Ray
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DC Universe Online has been toted by its creators to be a provider of all kinds of DC media. Making the wealth of DC entertainment media just got bigger from today’s announcement. They’re holding a full back catalog of single issues.

This kind of scope and service is on the same level as that of the WWE Network or Netflix. This one is focused on providing all DC media online. They’ve hinted at exclusive TV shows like Titans and Swamp Thing. They also want to have a collection of previous film and television as well. They’re including comic books and single issues going all the way back to the origins of DC entertainment. Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 are among some that will always be at the touch of a button.

More than a Library

DC Universe’s home page is a parade of all the offers they provide. As services go, it’s truly stacked and it makes me excited. They’re showing all the new tv titles made just for them, including projects I didn’t know were coming. They proudly hold all the animated features. The library has the best live action films starring Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton.

Batman: the Animated Series is available in full HD, nowhere else. They have special merchandise for members, and perks at conventions.


The Big Issue

The big news of the service is they’re putting a curated selection of comics from throughout DC’s history to read and access, anytime and anywhere. This online library is there for you forever, and added to as releases come out. They’ll rotate through a few issues every now and then. Unforgettable classics will always be on, but sometimes they’ll pique our interests with a forgotten gem.

The comic reader is optimised for all devices too. Just like other services, DC Universes is portable, but the comics themselves scale up beautifully to read on bigger screens. Imagine having your comic book collection big and clear enough to read on a big flat screen in your living room. This is exactly how they want us to take it in.

DC Universe is set to go into open Beta August this year. It’ll expand into the full version and to more territories outside the US some months after that.

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